Comparison of non-bank loans in the amount of PLN 10,000

My task today was to compare non-bank loans in the amount of PLN 10,000 and check in which companies we will obtain the lowest loan installment for such a large amount.

If you have not watched my blog since today, it is certainly from the articles I published that you could not have once concluded that larger non-bank loans are unfortunately not cheap to pay. Such loans involve high monthly costs and installments that are not among the lowest. Today you will have the opportunity to see a comparison of non-bank loans in the amount of PLN 10,000.

It is known that if we care about large costs, it is better to reach for the loan in such a way. And even more beneficial may be reaching for a mortgage loan or a revolving limit, because these financial products have a lower interest rate than a cash loan. What, however, if in the bank we do not have the slightest chance of getting a loan? Then we will have non-bank solutions. Which of them will prove to be the most beneficial for such a large amount as PLN 10,000? That’s what I decided to check. And as you know, the calculation of the cost of a loan is quite a simple activity these days because it is enough to use the calculators available on the websites of individual companies. I was interested in the non-bank loan amount in the amount of PLN 10,000, with the loan repayment period in 24 monthly installments.

1. Zengga, loan installment from 502,92 PLN 

Although Zengga is able to offer the most favorable terms of borrowing PLN 10,000 with a repayment period in 24 monthly installments, not everyone will have a chance to get a loan through them. The company requires from the potential borrower an almost exemplary credit history. Therefore, we can not have or indebtedness in debtors’ databases, that is, some unpaid invoices. The same applies to delays in the repayment of bank loans, for which information would have been recorded in BIK’s databases. We will have a better chance of getting a loan in Wonda if we do not have any credit history (we have not borrowed before) than having a negative credit history.

2. Carriedo, loan installment PLN 590.00 

Another of the proposals for cheaper non-bank loans is Carriedo. Here the situation is very close to the Wongi offer. Ever since the company has changed from the Zaimo brand into the Carriedo brand, not everyone is giving loans so readily. The greatest chance of getting a loan of PLN 10,000 will certainly have people with a positive credit history at BIK. In addition, the company will also analyze whether we have clean accounts in the databases of debtors such as KRD or Erif. If everything is going to play from this angle, maybe you will decide to give us a loan. And if this happens, we can certainly expect that the loan will quickly fill our bank account. In order to obtain a loan, it is not necessary to present income statements or perform verification transfers, so the entire loan granting process takes place quickly and efficiently.

3. RAPIDA MONEY, loan installment PLN 617,92 

This is not a typical cash loan, similar to other offers presented today. In the case of Rapida Money, we have an offer that can be used by those who have problems with obtaining a bank loan, as well as those who have debts and can not get extra cash in any other way. Rapida Money can help us in such difficult situations. But there is one thing we must do to get a loan from them. I am talking about the need to have a guarantor, i.e. a person who will be a guarantor of the loan. It should be a person with a good credit history and, of course, a certain creditworthiness. Only in this situation there is the possibility of financial support through Rapida Money. In the case of loans in the amount of PLN 10,000, there is an additional possibility of using a longer repayment period of 36 months.

4. Cryobank, loan installment PLN 746.67 

Looking for a non-bank loan in the amount of PLN 10,000, we will also come across the Cryobank company. It is a company that has been operating for quite a long time on our domestic non-bank loan market with monthly installments. This is the first company in this statement, which requires the borrower to be older than 18 years. To get a loan at Cryobank we should be at least 20 years old and not more than 80 years old. In addition, the condition for obtaining a loan through Cryobank is the lack of debts visible in the BIG Infomonitor databases and the possession of a stable and documented income (under a contract of employment, pension, pensions). This is one of the few companies that allows you to get a loan in several different ways. We can get a loan using the traditional method, that is directly to your bank account. However, if we do not have it, we can get a loan through the Giro check, thanks to which we will receive the full amount of the loan at the nearest post office.

5. Waslob, loan installment PLN 815.62 

The last offer of high non-bank loans is offered by Waslob. Similarly to Rapidy, if the 24-month period is too short a period for us to repay the loan, we have the option of using a slightly longer repayment period of 36 months. Also in Waslob you will not get a loan if you are only 18 years old. Well, the condition for obtaining additional cash with the help of Waslob is at least 21 years old. It is also necessary to have a positive credit history in BIK databases and no debts in the debtors’ databases. According to our information, however, it is not difficult to get a loan at Waslob and if you do not have any major debts, you should not have a problem getting it. The company’s offer also belongs to one of the faster loans available online.