Credit card – who can get it?

A credit card is a very helpful banking product. However, it has a minority of Poles – we mainly have payment cards with which we can pay in stores and withdraw money from ATMs.

When can a credit card be useful to us and who can receive it?

When can a credit card be useful to us and who can receive it?

Sometimes you lack money for daily expenses? There are more purchases that drain your bank account? In this case, an installment loan or a payday loan would certainly be helpful. However, borrowing is always ongoing – even if it is a fast loan, we have to write the application and wait for it to be considered.

Holders of credit cards, however, can get instant access to the money each time without the need for borrowing the loan . As the name suggests, this card allows us to take a loan, and the money can then be used for any purpose. Of course, having a credit card is also associated with certain costs.

Credit card – even simpler shopping

Credit card - even simpler shopping

When we shop with a credit card, we do not have to worry about running out of money on the account. With the card, we can get a non-interest bearing loan for about 50 days. If, at this time, we do not pay off our debt, then it will be interest-bearing and will involve similar costs as with regular cash loans. However, if we fit in to this date and transfer the equivalent of our debt to the bank account, then we do not incur any expenses.

This is what makes the credit card so convenient and we can easily shop with it – even for larger amounts. Of course, our credit limit here depends on what our creditworthiness is. It can range from several thousand to even several hundred thousand zlotys.

However, as we mentioned earlier, having a credit card has a price. Although banks are happy to spend it for free, after a year of use, we will be exposed to a fee – usually a few dozen zlotys, but sometimes it can be a sum of over 100 zlotys. So let’s read the contract details and fee tables carefully when you want to take a credit card.

Can anyone get a credit card?

Can anyone get a credit card?

A credit card is a kind of loan. As you know, we also need creditworthiness for credit. Therefore, we do not always get a card when we do not have good influence, we have debts, we are inscribed on the list of debtors. Banks thus protect themselves against unreliable customers who would use the card without restrictions and would not repay any debt.

Each bank has slightly different terms on which it offers credit cards. Most often, we must then prove our income by providing relevant documents. When we try to get a card in a bank where we already have an account, it is often not necessary – the bank then examines our history on the basis of receipts and expenses from the account.

Therefore, having a credit card is a very convenient solution for everyone who frequently shopping. Remember, however, that the card is not free – the costs associated with it are higher than with a regular payment card!