Payday Loan – A loan of PLN 500 for 3 months in a loan company



When looking for a large loan of PLN 500, we have a fairly wide choice – from banks to payday loans to non-bank companies providing long-term loans

Payloan Loan – PLN 500 for 3 months

Payloan Loan - PLN 500 for 3 months

Not everyone who needs a large amount of cash is able to repay the entire amount borrowed within 30 days, and that’s what the loan repayment date is for the companies providing payday loans. So where is it worth to go if you need not a large amount of 500 PLN but with a repayment period of 3 months?

I assume here that we can not get such a loan by bank, because otherwise it would be worth reaching for such a loan, for example at mBank or iGotyka. I will focus only on companies from the non-banking sector in which a PLN 500 loan is available, and I will start with …

Provident – because of the non-banking companies that I had the opportunity to check this one seemed to me the most beneficial. However, only in the option of a transfer with repayment in three monthly installments. At the time of the test, the installment of such a loan would amount to slightly more than PLN 206, and in total, we would have PLN 618,85 to be repaid. The cost of the loan in the case of Provident is therefore PLN 118.85. Of the companies that give loans with a long period, you will hardly find a better offer

Cashmo – there is also a PLN 500 loan available for 3 months, the amount of the loan installment may be slightly higher than in the case of Provident’s offer. But the offer also has its advantages, which Provident will not realize, namely the waiting time for a loan. In the case of Provident, the loan is most often given no sooner than the day after the application for the loan. In the case of Cashmo, which provides online non-bank loans , we can have cash on hand, completing all formalities via the Internet. The exact cost of the loan will be presented to us after you have applied for a loan and before making a decision to borrow in Cashmo.

Zengga – in the case of this company, a loan of 500 zlotys may turn out to be the most profitable. Provided, however, that we are a new customer of the company and we will pay off the whole within 3 months and 60 days. If these conditions are met, the same cost of borrowing PLN 500 will amount to only PLN 10. A tempting proposition, but only for those people who are sure that they will repay the entire amount borrowed during the above-mentioned 60 days. In the case of delay in repayment, we may expose ourselves to additional, not small baskets.

In addition to the aforementioned companies, we will also provide Incredit or Zaplo with such a small loan with payment in three monthly installments. We can also take such a loan from companies providing payday loans and extend the repayment period by 30 days, but in terms of costs it will not be profitable for us, so I would not recommend this option.