PLN 1000 loan – cheap and not large non-bank loans


In many emails you ask me about many different things – the most popular I will try to present online. And just like recently, I mentioned the often-discussed subject of loans available without transferring a penny. So today I will deal with the topic of not large 1000 PLN loans that you can get relatively cheaply for non-bank conditions.

Cheap and not large non-bank loans

Cheap and not large non-bank loans

Of course, whether it will be cheap depends on the time when we intend to repay the borrowed cash. Borrowing 1000 zlotys for 12 or 24 months, do not expect that wherever it will be cheap. It can be cheap for this if we borrow such a sum of money in one of the companies of the moment and which has a popular promotion of payday for PLN 0. Then such a loan will come out cheaper than in the bank because the cost of such a loan will be no less and no more only.. 0 PLN!

At the time of writing this article, a loan of PLN 1000 for free (only when a loan in a given company is borrowed for the first time) will be available in many companies. We will have no more than 30 days to repay the loan so we will have to pay back the entire amount borrowed on time. No timely repayment will result in charging us with additional fees. In a fiat situation, if we can not repay such a loan in a timely manner, we can use the option of extending the repayment date, but this will be an additional payment.

What if we want to PLN 1000 to borrow a non-bank way for longer, e.g. for 2 months? We can then use the said repayment extension and this option is available to all companies providing payday loans. It is worth choosing a company that has both the mentioned promotion for new customers and also has the cheapest fees for extending the repayment date. I would choose Vivus proposals because it will be the cheapest of them

Well, what if we can not pay the loan faster than within 3 months? At that time, I would rather not recommend an option to extend the repayment because we will have to do it twice, so these costs will grow a bit too much for us. I would take advantage of Provident’s proposal in this situation, however, remembering about two important things. The first is the Transfer option and the second is the monthly payment option (3 installments). In this statement, the cost of the loan will be the cheapest for us.

A loan of PLN 1000 in Providencie. I checked the cost of the Provident loan with their calculator and in such a combination the total cost for a loan of PLN 1000 came to me PLN 1 241.45, with a monthly installment PLN 413.90. I admit that it is not too bad for a non-bank offer.